Trivia For Dummies Game [Board Game]

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Although described cheekily as one of the Games for the Rest of Us! Trivia for Dummies has exactly the same strong appeal as the original trivia game, Trivial Pursuit. A small percentage of the questions are childishly simple, but the game isn't noticeably dumber overall. The mechanics are slightly different from the original. The game uses answer cards, as well as question cards, and separates topics into four categories: colors, numbers, true/false, and miscellaneous. But the progression round the board is familiar, and any Trivial Pursuit fan will delight all over again in whole evenings pondering how much the average brain weighs, whether the best diamonds are colored blue-white, whether the earth's land surfaces are larger or smaller than the Pacific, etc. The game is set up for three to four players. --Richard Farr