Mega Lot Of 1000 Assorted Yugioh Cards

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  • Yugioh Lot

This item contains 975 YuGiOh commons, at least 20 rares, and at least 5 holographic cards. At least 90% of the cards in this lot are in near mint/mint condition. There will be a good mix of spells, traps and monsters and there will be no more than 3 copies of most commons (the maximum you can have in a tournament deck). Plus, there will be no duplication amongst rares. Normally, if you wanted 1000 YuGiOh cards you would have to buy over 100 booster packs! At retail, that would cost approximately $400.00! Don't miss this awesome deal! These cards will be from a combination of any of the released American YuGiOh sets.