The Tabernacle: Tabernacle Model Kit By Vision Video

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This model is a miniature representation of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament. The model includes each of the pieces used in the Tabernacle as described in the Bible. It is a good resource for churches, schools, or even for family night. It is a wonderful way to have fun, and at the same time learn from God's Word. Now your family or class can enjoy assembling a model of the Tabernacle while studying its fascinating history and detail. When completed, it is a 90:1 scaled model (12x21) w/ a 1 base of the Tabernacle described in the book of Exodus. Sturdy and durable, this is an excellent resource to use in conjunction with the video and workbook at left. The kit includes: 1 high priest, 3 priests, 1 manna jar, Aaron's budded staff, atonement cover, ten commandments stone, 3 sheep, 8 stands, 1 ark of the covenant, 3 lambs/goats, bread table, laver w/ stand, 2 cows, altar of incense, lampstand of pure gold, 2 breads, altar of burnt offering, tree. 22 X 12 1/2