Adeept Bbc Micro:Bit Starter Kit | Electronic Microbit Starter Kit For Micro:Bit With 31 Projects Tutorial Book(Pdf)

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  • BBC Micro:bit Development Board is included

  • A wide variety of electronic components - The best choice for learning electronics and programming

  • Excellent Manual(PDF) - 85 pages, 31 projects with detailed guidance

  • Blocks and Python code are provided

  • Powerful technical support - Official forum and E-mail

Download Tutorials:

-- Makecode --
1. Download the program
2. Custom pattern
3. Display number
4. Make nameplate
5. Button addition operation
6. The lamp of shaking
7. The arrow to the north
8. Intelligent lamp
9. Display the temperature
10. The acceleration sensor controls the servo angle
11. The potentiometer controls the angle of the servo
12. Read the value of the ultrasound
13. Music play for microbit
14. Bluetooth connection

-- MU microPython --
15. MU microPython download and Driver installation
16. Display button turn state
17. The flashing LED
18. Control RGB LED
19. Active buzzer
20. Play a music
21. Tilt switch control LED
22. Photoresistor
23. Read the value of the potentiometer
24. The potentiometer controls the led
25. 7-segment display 0-9
26. Servo Angle
27. Rotary encoder
28. LCD 1602 + IIC interface module
29. Read PS2 Joystick value
30. DC motor fan
31. Read 4*4 Matrix keypad value

Package List:
1x BBC Micro:bit Development Board
1x Micro:bit Expansion board
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Breadboard
4x Button(large)
1x Button cap(red)
1x Button cap(white)
2x Button cap(blue)
4x Red LED
4x Green LED
4x Yellow LED
4x Blue LED
1x RGB
1x Active buzzer
1x Passive buzzer
2x NPN Transistor(8050)
2x PNP Transistor(8550)
2x Tilt switch
10x 10k Resistor
16x 220 Resistor
10x 1k Resistor
2x Photoresistor
1x LCD1602
1x IIC interface module
1x Potentiometer
1x 7-Segment Display
1x Ultrasonic Module
1x Servo
1x PS2 Joystick
1x DC Motor Module
1x Rotary Encoder
1x 4*4 Matrix keyboard
10x Color Alligator Clip Test Cable
20x Male to Male Jumper Wires
20x Female to Female Jumper Wires
40x Male to Female Wires