Retro Rockem Sockem Robots Game

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  • Retro Rock'em Sock'em Robots Game

The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Game Retro Edition is a throwback to 1964's first version of the now classic game. Perfect as a display piece and for actual play, this set features the vintage packaging and the original Red Rocker and Blue Bomber robot fighters. This 2-person kids' game uses button controls to hit at the opponent until you Knock His Block Off! Easy, fast and fun to play. Rock Em Sock Em Robots is for kids ages 6 and up. ||Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 6 Years and Up ||Includes: Figures ||Material: Plastic ||Playing Time: 5 Minutes ||Number of Players: 2 Players ||Level of Difficulty: Easy ||Battery: no battery used: ||Imported