Rokenbok Deluxe Rok Blocks

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  • Includes over 101 building blocks

  • Introduce Engineering and Design with interlocking preschool blocks

  • Accelerates Learning and Fosters Imagination

  • Lifetime Guarantee on Rokenbok building sets

  • Teach basic engineering principles

Inspire Your Little Engineer! This super set builds all of the deluxe transportation your little one will love, including a semi-truck, jumbo jet, and helicopter. We've also included three additional builds and lessons that align with Common Core School Standards, which introduce things like counting, sorting, shapes, and more. Your child will have a blast building a castle wall and battering ram, happy and sad robots, and a giant pyramid. These easy-to-use, self-aligning, 3-dimensional blocks give even your youngest learners the opportunity to jump into building. The blocks are easy to push together and do not require much hand strength. Additionally, playing with building blocks and construction manipulatives is important for early childhood development. ROK Blocks stimulates your child's imagination and problem solving skills. Why ROK Blocks? Young childrens; hands are not very strong or well-coordinated, so a really good interlocking building block has to be self-aligning. Get two ROK Blocks close together and their funny-shaped cones guide them into alignment. A little squeeze and the building blocks snap together. A stacking block won't hold a child's attention for long if they can't make something fun to play with. ROK Blocks are made in a unique, patent pending way that allows them to build both up and out in three dimensions. They assemble in thousands of different ways compared to traditional building blocks. This makes it easy to build fun models like trucks, cars, houses, planes, and helicopters. ROK Blocks are compatible with all other Rokenbok sets and can be used in your child's most advanced Rokenbok creation ten years from now.