Kiddie Play Marble Run Set For Kids (75 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 30 Glass Marbles)

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  • 30 pcs compatible glass marbles included. (Max. marble size to fit: 0.47 Inches/1.2CM)

  • See-through pieces allows you to see all the action

  • Create it yourself or follow the included instructions

  • Size when assembled: 14 wide x 18 high

  • Recommended age: 4 - 8 years

The Kiddie Play Marble Run Set includes 75 translucent marbulous pieces + 30 glass marbles.

No fixed shape, kids can create models freely. Designs range from simple to complicate as you like. Kids will love seeing where the marbles run through next!

Spins, Twists & Turns for Great Enjoyment!

Multiple tracks with non-stop actions, an exciting building structure toy for kids!

Tall Structure!

8 base bottoms for kids to create more different tall structures!

See-through Pieces, for even more fun!

Kids can see the marbles go through the pipelines from top to bottom, also fun for kids to check tracks after construction!